The Campaign to Retain
Family Court Judge Bryan Gatewood

Political campaigns aren’t free. Help us get the message out not just about Bryan, but about the importance of Family Court.


If you’re willing and able to help us with phone banking, neighborhood canvassing, or any of the other things that help our democracy work, let us know. We appreciate it.


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Hon. Bryan D. Gatewood

Fighting for Jefferson County's Families

Bryan worked nearly 20 years in Jefferson County Family Court before being appointed as judge by the Governor. A graduate of Bellarmine University and the University of Louisville’s Brandeis School of Law, he holds both a JD and MBA. Before specializing in Family Court, he practiced small business and bankruptcy law.

He is a husband, a father, and a gentleman farmer. He has created new methods of communicating with both lawyers and their clients to streamline and humanize the legal process.  He believes the Family Court mission makes Louisville and Jefferson County a safer and more humane place for all of us, and he is proud to serve.


Judge Gatewood's Supporters

I have known and worked with Bryan for years. He has the right knowledge and temperament for Family Court. Please tell all of your friends to vote for Bryan too.
Stephen Mershon
Retired Judge

Family Court Matters

Your vote makes a difference...

Family Court is Different

When people think about our judicial system, they think mostly about the courts that decide the fate of accused criminals. Those courts exist to determine innocence or guilt, and to assign punishment.

Family Court is different it exists to protect society’s most fragile, and to deal with matters of the Family, like divorce, domestic violence, and custody. Over the course of this campaign, I’m going to try to convince you that I will make an excellent Family Court judge. More importantly, I want to help you understand that the judges who serve in Family Court matter. They’re more than just a list of unfamiliar names at the bottom of the ballot. They’re key to the fabric of our community.

Your Actions Matter

Even if you never see the inside of Family Court, you are living with the results of its work. Every day, the court struggles with issues of families in trouble and young people at risk. The results of that work walk our streets, attend our churches, inhabit our schools. It’s important to have judges who know how the courts work when they’re working at their best, and who are passionate about helping Jefferson County’s families. I’ve worked in family court for 18 years, and my own family of adopted children is a happy outcome of Family Court. There is no one on the ballot that knows or cares more about Family Court working at its best than I do. I hope you will give me your vote.


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